Analysis of 1474 SEC XBRL Financial Filings

This is summary information for an analysis of 1474 SEC XBRL filings for the purpose of seeing if concepts which would have been expected are showing up in the filings and with what consistency.

Number Item Item Description
1. Summary of Analysis

PDF file which contains a summary of the analysis.

2. List of all Filings Analyzed

A listing of all the files analyzed.

3. RSS feed with list of all Filings Analyzed

This RSS feed has a computer readable list of the filings analyzed. (NOTE: Be careful, the style sheet only seems to show 1000 items using IE8.)

4. Excel Spreadsheet which Details

Excel spreadsheet (within a ZIP file) which contains the raw data of the analysis. Some information is from XBRL Cloud's Edgar Dashboard, other information was gleaned from analyzing the filings listed in the RSS feed.

5. XBRL Technique and Trends (Prototype) which uses this set of Filsings

A prototype tool which helps one see how the XBRL information can be leveraged. This prototype XBRL Technique and Trends shows the possibilities, but is also a useful tool in its own right.