Model Structural Relations: 456000-001-ProductWarrantyAccrualRollForward

# Key Label Object class Data type Period type Balance Name
* Network: Some Network (
1 Product Liability Contingency [Table] [Table] us-gaap:ProductLiabilityContingencyTable
2 Legal Entity [Axis] [Axis] dei:LegalEntityAxis
3 Entity [Domain] [Member] dei:EntityDomain
4 Product Liability Contingency [Line Items] [Abstract] us-gaap:ProductLiabilityContingencyLineItems
5 Product Warranty Accrual [Roll Forward] [Abstract] us-gaap:MovementInStandardAndExtendedProductWarrantyIncreaseDecreaseRollForward
6 Product warranty accrual, beginning balance [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrual
7 Provision for product warranties issued [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualWarrantiesIssued
8 Payments to satisfy claims [Concept] Monetary For period Debit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualPayments
9 Product warranties acquired in business acquisition [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualAdditionsFromBusinessAcquisition
10 Currency translation [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualCurrencyTranslationIncreaseDecrease
11 Product warranty accrual, ending balance [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrual
12 Product Warranty Accrual [Roll Up] [Abstract] us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualBalanceSheetClassificationAbstract
13 Product warranty accrual, current [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualClassifiedCurrent
14 Product warranty accrual, noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrualNoncurrent
15 Product warranty accrual [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrual