Investments in Other Companies

In previous years, the Company made a number of investments in small, privately held technology companies in which the Company has held less than 20% of the capital stock or held notes receivable. As a result of the sale of the Company's former optoelectronics operations, the Company received as partial consideration $4,500 of preferred stock and an unsecured promissory note from CyOptics Inc. ("CyOptics") for $5,633. In years prior to 2012, the carrying amount of the CyOptics investment was fully impaired and written down to $0. During 2012, the amount due on the promissory note was settled in full and the preferred stock was sold in exchange for an initial liquidation payment of $6,957 and an escrow holdback contingent upon certain conditions. The initial liquidation payment was received in cash in March, 2012. The final liquidation payment of $421 from the escrow holdback account was received in cash in May, 2013. Both of the liquidation transactions were recorded as a gain/recovery of investment in the statement of operations and in the operating activities section of the statement of cash flows. The cash proceeds from both of the payments were included in the investing activities section of the statement of cash flows.