Model Structural Relations:

# Key Label Object class Data type Period type Balance Name
* Network: 420000 - Disclosure - Asset Retirement Obligations (
1 Asset Retirement Obligation Disclosure [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationDisclosureAbstract
2 Asset Retirement Obligation Disclosure [Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationDisclosureTextBlock
3 Asset Retirement Obligation [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationAbstract
4 Asset Retirement Obligation, Current [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationCurrent
5 Asset Retirement Obligations, Noncurrent [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationsNoncurrentAbstract
6 Mine Reclamation and Closing Liability, Noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:MineReclamationAndClosingLiabilityNoncurrent
7 Oil and Gas Reclamation Liability, Noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:OilAndGasReclamationLiabilityNoncurrent
8 Decommissioning Liability, Noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:DecommissioningLiabilityNoncurrent
9 Spent Nuclear Fuel Obligation, Noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:SpentNuclearFuelObligationNoncurrent
10 Accrued Capping, Closure, Post-closure and Environmental Costs, Noncurrent [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AccruedCappingClosurePostClosureAndEnvironmentalCostsNoncurrent
11 Asset Retirement Obligations, Noncurrent, Total [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationsNoncurrent
12 Asset Retirement Obligation, Total [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligation
13 Asset Retirement Obligations, Description [Concept] Text/String For period us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationsDescription
14 Asset Retirement Obligation, Legally Restricted Assets, Fair Value [Concept] Monetary As of Debit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationLegallyRestrictedAssetsFairValue
15 Asset Retirement Obligations, Significant Changes [Concept] Text/String For period us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationsSignificantChanges
16 Asset Retirement Obligations, Liability Not Recognized [Concept] Text/String For period us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationsLiabilityNotRecognized
17 Asset Retirement Obligation, Roll Forward Analysis [Roll Forward] [Abstract] us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationRollForwardAnalysisRollForward
18 Asset Retirement Obligation, Beginning Balance [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligation
19 Asset Retirement Obligation, Liabilities Incurred [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationLiabilitiesIncurred
20 Asset Retirement Obligation, Liabilities Settled [Concept] Monetary For period Debit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationLiabilitiesSettled
21 Asset Retirement Obligation, Accretion Expense [Concept] Monetary For period Debit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationAccretionExpense
22 Asset Retirement Obligation, Revision of Estimate [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationRevisionOfEstimate
23 Asset Retirement Obligation, Foreign Currency Translation [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationForeignCurrencyTranslation
24 Asset Retirement Obligation, Period Increase (Decrease), Total [Concept] Monetary For period us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationPeriodIncreaseDecrease
25 Asset Retirement Obligation, Ending Balance [Concept] Monetary As of Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligation
26 Asset Retirement Obligation, Cash Paid to Settle [Concept] Monetary For period Credit us-gaap:AssetRetirementObligationCashPaidToSettle
27 Table Text Block Supplement [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:TableTextBlockSupplementAbstract
28 Schedule of Asset Retirement Obligations [Table Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:ScheduleOfAssetRetirementObligationsTableTextBlock
29 Schedule of Change in Asset Retirement Obligation [Table Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:ScheduleOfChangeInAssetRetirementObligationTableTextBlock