Model Structural Relations:

# Key Label Object class Data type Period type Balance Name
* Network: 870000 - Disclosure - Subsequent Events (
1 Subsequent Events [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:SubsequentEventsAbstract
2 Subsequent Events [Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:SubsequentEventsTextBlock
3 Schedule of Subsequent Events [Table Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:ScheduleOfSubsequentEventsTextBlock
4 Subsequent Event [Table] [Table] us-gaap:SubsequentEventTable
5 Subsequent Event Type [Axis] [Axis] us-gaap:SubsequentEventTypeAxis
6 Subsequent Event Type [Domain] [Member] us-gaap:SubsequentEventTypeDomain
7 Subsequent Event [Member] [Member] us-gaap:SubsequentEventMember
8 Subsequent Event [Line Items] [Abstract] us-gaap:SubsequentEventLineItems
9 Subsequent Event, Date [Concept] Date For period us-gaap:SubsequentEventsDate
10 Subsequent Event, Description [Concept] Text/String For period us-gaap:SubsequentEventDescription
11 Subsequent Event, Amount Inestimable [Concept] Text/String For period us-gaap:SubsequentEventAmountInestimable
12 Subsequent Event, Effect of Change in Tax Status [Concept] Monetary For period Debit us-gaap:SubsequentEventEffectOfChangeInTaxStatus
13 Disclosure Text Block Supplement [Abstract] [Abstract] us-gaap:DisclosureTextBlockSupplementAbstract
14 Subsequent Event, Pro Forma Business Combinations or Disposals [Text Block] [Concept] Text Block (HTML) For period us-gaap:SubsequentEventProFormaBusinessCombinations