Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Long-Lived Assets to be Abandoned
Name: LongLivedAssetsTobeAbandoned
Parent Topic: PropertyPlantAndEquipment
Documentation: Disclosure of details of each long-lived asset to be abandoned and the related circumstances.
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Text Block: us-gaap:DetailsOfLongLivedAssetsToBeAbandonedByAssetTextBlock
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US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/disclosure/PropertyPlantAndEquipment | XML | HTML
References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
Item Description Reference
1 FASB: Topic:360 Subtopic:10 Section:35 Paragraph:47 http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=29634951&loc=d3e1794-110224
2 FASB: Topic:360 Subtopic:10 Section:35 Paragraph:48 http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=29634951&loc=d3e1816-110224
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