Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Accrued Liabilities [Roll Up] (Unsure if combined current/noncurrent or current only)
Name: AccruedLiabilities
Parent Topic: PayablesAccruals
Documentation: Disclosure of the roll up of details of accrued liabilities. (Unclear if this is intended for combined current and noncurrent or should be used if an economic entity has only current accrued liabilities.)
Commentary: Seems like one would expect a disclosure for accruals, there is one for payables. Unsure it this text block is intended for current accrued liabilities.
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Text Block: us-gaap:ScheduleOfAccruedLiabilitiesTableTextBlock
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References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
Item Description Reference

Example Disclosure

Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract] Abstract us-gaap:CommitmentsAndContingenciesDisclosureAbstract
2 Accrued compensation and employee benefit costs Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:EmployeeRelatedLiabilitiesCurrent
3 Environmental Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:AccrualForEnvironmentalLossContingencies
4 Product warranties Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:ProductWarrantyAccrual
5 Forward loss recognition Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:ProvisionForLossOnContracts
6 Dividends payable Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:DividendsPayableCurrent
7 Other Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesCurrent
8 Total Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:AccruedLiabilitiesCurrent

Business Rules Summary
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:AccruedLiabilities rules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern fro:RollUp
disclosures:AccruedLiabilities rules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:AccruedLiabilitiesCurrent


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