Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Quarterly Financial Information [Hierarchy]
Name: QuarterlyFinancialInformationDuplicate
Parent Topic: InterimReporting
Documentation: Disclosure of the quarterly financial data in the annual financial statements.
Commentary: Economic entity could provide different types of quarterly data. The items provided may or may not foot, therefore this is a [Hierarchy].
Status: US GAAP Dup
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Text Block: us-gaap:ScheduleOfQuarterlyFinancialInformationTableTextBlock
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US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/disclosure/InterimReporting | XML | HTML

References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
Item Description Reference
1 FASB: Topic:270 Subtopic:10 Section:50 Paragraph:1 Subparagraph:(a)-(j) http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=35737889&loc=d3e1280-108306

Example Disclosure

Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Quarterly Data (Unaudited) Abstract us-gaap:QuarterlyFinancialInformationDisclosureAbstract
2 Net sales Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:SalesRevenueNet
3 Cost of sales Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:CostOfRevenue
4 Net income including noncontrolling interest Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:ProfitLoss
5 Net income attributable to 3M Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:NetIncomeLoss
6 Earnings per share attributable to 3M common shareholders - basic (in dollars per share) Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:EarningsPerShareBasic
7 Earnings per share attributable to 3M common shareholders - diluted (in dollars per share) Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:EarningsPerShareDiluted

Business Rules Summary
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:QuarterlyFinancialInformationDuplicate rules-arcroles:disclosure-equivalentTextblock us-gaap:ScheduleOfQuarterlyFinancialInformationTableTextBlock
disclosures:QuarterlyFinancialInformationDuplicate rules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern fro:Hierarchy


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