Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Preferred Stock, by class
Name: PreferredStockByClass
Parent Topic: BalanceSheet
Documentation: Detail of preferred stock by class of preferred stock.
Commentary: Missing [Text Block]
Human Readable Examples: NOT AVAILABLE, NO TEXT BLOCK
Machine Readable Examples: List of machine readable examples (prototype)
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/statement/StatementOfFinancialPositionClassified | XML | HTML
Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Preferred Stock [Hierarchy] Concept (Text/String) For Period added:PreferredStockHierarchy
2 Preferred Stock, Value, Issued Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockValue
3 Preferred Stock, Par or Stated Value Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockParOrStatedValuePerShare
4 Preferred Stock, No Par Value Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockNoParValue
5 Preferred Stock, Value, Subscriptions Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesSubscribedButUnissuedValue
6 Preferred Stock, Shares Subscribed but Unissued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockShareSubscriptions
7 Preferred Stock, Shares Authorized Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized
8 Preferred Stock, Shares Issued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesIssued
9 Preferred Stock, Shares Outstanding Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesOutstanding
10 Preferred Stock, Value, Outstanding Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockValueOutstanding
11 Preferred Stock, Redemption Amount Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionAmount
12 Preferred Stock, Redemption Amount, Future Redeemable Securities Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionAmountFutureRedeemableSecurities
13 Preferred Stock, Liquidation Preference Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockLiquidationPreference
14 Preferred Stock, Conversion Basis Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockConversionBasis


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