Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Capital Leased Assets, Details by Asset Type
Name: CapitalLeasedAssets
Parent Topic: LeasesCapital
Documentation: Disclosure of long-lived, depreciable assets that are subject to a lease meeting the criteria for capitalization and are used in the normal conduct of business to produce goods and services.
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Text Block: us-gaap:ScheduleOfCapitalLeasedAsssetsTableTextBlock
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References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
Item Description Reference
1 FASB: Topic:840 Subtopic:30 Section:50 Paragraph:1 Subparagraph:(a) http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=6455398&loc=d3e45280-112737
Example Disclosure
Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Schedule of Capital Leased Asssets [Table] Table us-gaap:ScheduleOfCapitalLeasedAsssetsTable
2 Legal Entity [Axis] Axis dei:LegalEntityAxis
3 Consolidated Entity [Domain] Member dei:EntityDomain
4 Property, Plant and Equipment Type [Axis] Axis us-gaap:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentByTypeAxis
5 Property, Plant and Equipment, Type [Domain] Member us-gaap:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentTypeDomain
6 Land and Building [Member] Member us-gaap:LandAndBuildingMember
7 Land [Member] Member us-gaap:LandMember
8 Land Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:LandImprovementsMember
9 Leasehold Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:LeaseholdImprovementsMember
10 Building [Member] Member us-gaap:BuildingMember
11 Building Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:BuildingImprovementsMember
12 Manufacturing Facility [Member] Member us-gaap:ManufacturingFacilityMember
13 Land and Land Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:LandAndLandImprovementsMember
14 Leaseholds and Leasehold Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:LeaseholdsAndLeaseholdImprovementsMember
15 Building and Building Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:BuildingAndBuildingImprovementsMember
16 Land, Buildings and Improvements [Member] Member us-gaap:LandBuildingsAndImprovementsMember
17 Machinery and Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:MachineryAndEquipmentMember
18 Tools, Dies and Molds [Member] Member us-gaap:ToolsDiesAndMoldsMember
19 Technology Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:TechnologyEquipmentMember
20 Computer Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:ComputerEquipmentMember
21 Office Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:OfficeEquipmentMember
22 Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:EquipmentMember
23 Other Machinery and Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:OtherMachineryAndEquipmentMember
24 Transportation Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:TransportationEquipmentMember
25 Air Transportation Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:AirTransportationEquipmentMember
26 Flight Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:FlightEquipmentMember
27 Maritime Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:MaritimeEquipmentMember
28 Containers [Member] Member us-gaap:ContainersMember
29 Railroad Transportation Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:RailroadTransportationEquipmentMember
30 Vehicles [Member] Member us-gaap:VehiclesMember
31 Trucks [Member] Member us-gaap:TrucksMember
32 Automobiles [Member] Member us-gaap:AutomobilesMember
33 Other Transportation Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:OtherTransportationEquipmentMember
34 Energy Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:EnergyEquipmentMember
35 Pipelines [Member] Member us-gaap:PipelinesMember
36 Refining Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:RefiningEquipmentMember
37 Upstream Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:UpstreamEquipmentMember
38 Downstream Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:DownstreamEquipmentMember
39 Gas Transmission Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:GasTransmissionEquipmentMember
40 Electric Transmission and Distribution [Member] Member us-gaap:ElectricTransmissionAndDistributionMember
41 Electric Generation Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:ElectricGenerationEquipmentMember
42 Nuclear Fuel [Member] Member us-gaap:NuclearFuelMember
43 Gas Gathering and Processing Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:GasGatheringAndProcessingEquipmentMember
44 Mining Properties and Mineral Rights [Member] Member us-gaap:MiningPropertiesAndMineralRightsMember
45 Mine Development [Member] Member us-gaap:MineDevelopmentMember
46 Oil and Gas Properties [Member] Member us-gaap:OilAndGasPropertiesMember
47 Drilling Rights [Member] Member us-gaap:DrillingRightsMember
48 Marine Services Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:MarineServicesEquipmentMember
49 Exploration and Production Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:ExplorationAndProductionEquipmentMember
50 Other Energy Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:OtherEnergyEquipmentMember
51 Gas Distribution Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:GasDistributionEquipmentMember
52 Wells and Related Equipment and Facilities [Member] Member us-gaap:WellsAndRelatedEquipmentAndFacilitiesMember
53 Gas, Transmission and Distribution Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:GasTransmissionAndDistributionEquipmentMember
54 Electric Generation, Transmission and Distribution Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:ElectricGenerationTransmissionAndDistributionEquipmentMember
55 Property, Plant and Equipment, Other Types [Member] Member us-gaap:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentOtherTypesMember
56 Equipment Leased to Other Party [Member] Member us-gaap:EquipmentLeasedToOtherPartyMember
57 Productive Land [Member] Member us-gaap:ProductiveLandMember
58 Furniture and Fixtures [Member] Member us-gaap:FurnitureAndFixturesMember
59 Timber Properties [Member] Member us-gaap:TimberPropertiesMember
60 Landfill [Member] Member us-gaap:LandfillMember
61 Software [Member] Member us-gaap:SoftwareMember
62 Software Development [Member] Member us-gaap:SoftwareDevelopmentMember
63 Retail Site [Member] Member us-gaap:RetailSiteMember
64 Assets Held under Capital Leases [Member] Member us-gaap:AssetsHeldUnderCapitalLeasesMember
65 Assets Leased to Others [Member] Member us-gaap:AssetsLeasedToOthersMember
66 Asset under Construction [Member] Member us-gaap:AssetUnderConstructionMember
67 Construction in Progress [Member] Member us-gaap:ConstructionInProgressMember
68 Capitalized Interest Costs [Member] Member us-gaap:CapitalizedInterestCostsMember
69 Breeding and Production Animals [Member] Member us-gaap:BreedingAndProductionAnimalsMember
70 Remediation Property for Sale, Abandonment or Disposal [Member] Member us-gaap:RemediationPropertyForSaleAbandonmentOrDisposalMember
71 Other Capitalized Property Plant and Equipment [Member] Member us-gaap:OtherCapitalizedPropertyPlantAndEquipmentMember
72 Software and Software Development Costs [Member] Member us-gaap:SoftwareAndSoftwareDevelopmentCostsMember
73 Capital Leased Assets [Line Items] LineItems us-gaap:CapitalLeasedAssetsLineItems
74 Schedule of Capital Leased Asssets [Table Text Block] Concept (Text Block (HTML)) For Period us-gaap:ScheduleOfCapitalLeasedAsssetsTableTextBlock
75 Capital Leases, Balance Sheet, Assets by Major Class, Net [Roll Up] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:CapitalLeasesBalanceSheetAssetsByMajorClassNetLesseeBalanceSheetAbstract
76 Capital Leased Assets, Gross Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:CapitalLeasedAssetsGross
77 Capital Leases, Lessee Balance Sheet, Assets by Major Class, Accumulated Depreciation Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:CapitalLeasesLesseeBalanceSheetAssetsByMajorClassAccumulatedDeprecation
78 Capital Leases, Balance Sheet, Assets by Major Class, Net, Total Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:CapitalLeasesBalanceSheetAssetsByMajorClassNet
79 Capital Leased Assets [Hierarchy] Concept (Text/String) For Period added:CapitalLeasedAssetsHierarchy
80 Capital Leased Assets, Number of Units Concept (Decimal) As Of us-gaap:CapitalLeasedAssetsNumberOfUnits


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