Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Goodwill [Roll Forward]
Name: GoodwillRollForward
Parent Topic: IntangibleAssetsGoodwillAndOther
Documentation: Roll forward (movements) of goodwill. There are two approaches which can be used. One is to reconcile net goodwill. The other is to reconcile gross goodwill, and then adjust out accumulated amortization to adjust the gross amount to the net amount. Both approachs are equivalent.
Status: Merge
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References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
Item Description Reference
1 FASB: Topic:350 Subtopic:20 Section:50 Paragraph:1 http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=35741047&loc=d3e13816-109267
2 FASB: Topic:350 Subtopic:20 Section:50 Paragraph:2 http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=35741047&loc=d3e13854-109267

Example Disclosure

Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Goodwill [Roll Forward] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:GoodwillRollForward
2 Goodwill, Beginning Balance Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:Goodwill
3 Goodwill, Period Increase (Decrease) [Roll Up] Concept (Text/String) For Period added:GoodwillPeriodIncreaseDecreaseRollUp
4 Goodwill, Acquired During Period Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillAcquiredDuringPeriod
5 Goodwill, Impairment Loss Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillImpairmentLoss
6 Goodwill, Subsequent Recognition of Deferred Tax Asset Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:GoodwillSubsequentRecognitionOfDeferredTaxAsset
7 Goodwill, Other Changes Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:GoodwillOtherChanges
8 Goodwill, Written off Related to Sale of Business Unit Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:GoodwillWrittenOffRelatedToSaleOfBusinessUnit
9 Goodwill, Translation and Purchase Accounting Adjustments [Roll Up] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:GoodwillTranslationAndPurchaseAccountingAdjustmentsAbstract
10 Goodwill, Translation Adjustments Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillTranslationAdjustments
11 Goodwill, Purchase Accounting Adjustments Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillPurchaseAccountingAdjustments
12 Goodwill, Translation and Purchase Accounting Adjustments, Total Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillTranslationAndPurchaseAccountingAdjustments
13 Goodwill, Allocation Adjustment Concept (Monetary) For Period Debit us-gaap:GoodwillAllocationAdjustment
14 Goodwill, Period Increase (Decrease), Total Concept (Monetary) For Period us-gaap:GoodwillPeriodIncreaseDecrease
15 Goodwill, Ending Balance Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:Goodwill

Business Rules Summary
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:GoodwillRollForward rules-arcroles:disclosure-equivalentTextblock us-gaap:ScheduleOfGoodwillTextBlock
disclosures:GoodwillRollForward rules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern fro:RollForward
disclosures:GoodwillRollForward rules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:Goodwill


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