Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Preferred Stock, by Class [Hierarchy]
Name: ClassOfPreferredStockHierarchy
Parent Topic: Equity
Documentation: Disclosure of information about class of preferred stock.
Commentary: There is one text block for Class of Stock, but that would mean that both preferred stock information an common stock information would both go into ONE text block. Seems like there shoud be separate text blocks for common and preferred stock.
Human Readable Examples: NOT AVAILABLE, NO TEXT BLOCK
Machine Readable Examples: List of machine readable examples (prototype)
Business rules (machine readable): XBRL Definition Relations
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/disclosure/Equity | XML | HTML

Prototype of Disclosure
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Preferred Stock, Number of Shares, Par Value and Other Disclosures [Hierarchy] Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockNumberOfSharesParValueAndOtherDisclosuresAbstract
2 Preferred Stock, Value, Issued Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockValue
3 Preferred Stock, Par or Stated Value Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockParOrStatedValuePerShare
4 Preferred Stock, Shares Subscribed but Unissued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockShareSubscriptions
5 Preferred Stock, Shares Authorized Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized
6 Preferred Stock, Shares Issued Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesIssued
7 Preferred Stock, Shares Outstanding Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesOutstanding
8 Preferred Stock, Voting Rights Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockVotingRights
9 Preferred Stock, Call or Exercise Features Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockCallOrExerciseFeatures
10 Preferred Stock, Dividend Rate, Percentage Concept (Percent) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendRatePercentage
11 Preferred Stock, Dividend Rate, Per-Dollar-Amount Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendRatePerDollarAmount
12 Preferred Stock, Dividend Payment Rate, Variable Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPaymentRateVariable
13 Preferred Stock, Dividend Payment Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPaymentTerms
14 Preferred Stock, Dividend Preference or Restrictions Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockDividendPreferenceOrRestrictions
15 Preferred Stock, Liquidation Preference Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockLiquidationPreference
16 Preferred Stock, Contract Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockContractTerms
17 Preferred Stock, Capital Shares Reserved for Future Issuance Concept (Shares) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockCapitalSharesReservedForFutureIssuance
18 Preferred Stock, Amount of Preferred Dividends in Arrears Concept (Monetary) For Period Credit us-gaap:PreferredStockAmountOfPreferredDividendsInArrears
19 Preferred Stock, Per Share Amounts of Preferred Dividends in Arrears Concept (Share) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockPerShareAmountsOfPreferredDividendsInArrears
20 Preferred Stock, Redemption Terms Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionTerms
21 Preferred Stock, Redemption Price Per Share Concept (Share) As Of us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionPricePerShare
22 Preferred Stock, Redemption Date Concept (Date) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockRedemptionDate
23 Preferred Stock, Reason why Security is Not Redeemable Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockReasonWhySecurityIsNotRedeemable
24 Preferred Stock, Participation Rights Concept (Text/String) For Period us-gaap:PreferredStockParticipationRights

Business Rules Summary
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:ClassOfPreferredStockHierarchy rules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern fro:Hierarchy
disclosures:ClassOfPreferredStockHierarchy rules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:PreferredStockSharesAuthorized


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