Reporting Style Information
Category: Validation Messages
Documentation: Validation Results, Without IS11
Number of Filers using this Style: 7000
State: OK
Status: ADDED 2015-06-22
Code: ValidationResults2
ID: 225
Network name:
Impute rules file: Empty.txt

Visual Example of Reporting Style

Digital Structure of Reporting Style

Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Validation Results [Table] Table fac:ValidationResultsTable
2 Validation Results [Line Items] LineItems fac:ValidationResultsLineItems
3 Validation Results [Hierarchy] Abstract fac:ValidationResultsHierarchy
4 Balance Sheet [Abstract] Abstract fac:BalanceSheetAbstract
5 BS1 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:BS1
6 BS2 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:BS2
7 BS3 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:BS3
8 BS4 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:BS4
9 BS5 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:BS5
10 Income Statement [Abstract] Abstract fac:IncomeStatementAbstract
11 IS1 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS1
12 IS2 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS2
13 IS3 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS3
14 IS4 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS4
15 IS5 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS5
16 IS6 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS6
17 IS7 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS7
18 IS8 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS8
19 Statement of Comprehensive Income [Abstract] Abstract fac:StatementComprehensiveIncomeAbstract
20 IS9 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS9
21 IS10 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:IS10
22 Cash Flow Statement [Abstract] Abstract fac:CashFlowStatementAbstract
23 CF1 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF1
24 CF2 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF2
25 CF3 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF3
26 CF4 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF4
27 CF5 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF5
28 CF6 Concept (ERROR) ERROR fac:CF6

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