Disclosure Descriptive Information
Label: Inventory, Net (Current) [Roll Up]
Name: InventoryNetRollUp
Parent Topic: Inventory
Documentation: Roll up of details of current inventory, net.
Commentary: BASE
Level: Detail
Information model: [Roll Up]
Completion state: Completed
Status: Test set
Exemplar Viewer: InventoryNetRollUp
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Text Block: us-gaap:ScheduleOfInventoryCurrentTableTextBlock
US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/disclosure/Inventory | Machine-readable | Human-readable

References to Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) for Concepts in Disclosure
Item Description Reference
1 FASB: Topic:210 Subtopic:10 Section:50 Paragraph:1 http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=6361739&loc=d3e7789-107766
2 FASB: Topic:210 Subtopic:10 Section:S99 Paragraph:1 Subparagraph:(SX 210.5-02(6)(a)) http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=6877327&loc=d3e13212-122682
3 FASB: Topic:210 Subtopic:10 Section:S99 Paragraph:1 Subparagraph:(SX 210.5-02(6)(b)) http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=6877327&loc=d3e13212-122682
4 FASB: Topic:210 Subtopic:10 Section:S99 Paragraph:1 Subparagraph:(SX 210.5-02(6)(c)) http://asc.fasb.org/extlink&oid=6877327&loc=d3e13212-122682

Example of Disclosure: Machine-readable
Exemplars Available for Disclosure: Machine-Readable | Human-Readable
Entity Name and Text Block or Detailed Disclosure
BOEING CO TextBlock | BOEING CO Detail | CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP Detail | CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP TextBlock | CATERPILLAR INC TextBlock | CATERPILLAR INC Detail | COCA COLA CO TextBlock | COCA COLA CO Detail | COLUMBUS MCKINNON CORP Detail | COLUMBUS MCKINNON CORP TextBlock | CUMMINS INC Detail | CUMMINS INC TextBlock | DIXIE GROUP INC Detail | DIXIE GROUP INC TextBlock | Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Detail | Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. TextBlock | DUPONT E I DE NEMOURS & CO Detail | DUPONT E I DE NEMOURS & CO TextBlock | Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc. Detail | Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc. TextBlock | FORD MOTOR CO Detail | FORD MOTOR CO TextBlock | GENERAL ELECTRIC CO Detail | GENERAL ELECTRIC CO TextBlock | HOMELAND ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC TextBlock | HOMELAND ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC Detail | IMAX CORP TextBlock | IMAX CORP Detail | INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP Detail | INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP TextBlock | KIMBERLY CLARK CORP Detail | LILLY ELI & CO Detail | LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORP TextBlock | LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORP Detail | MRC GLOBAL INC. TextBlock | MRC GLOBAL INC. Detail | PACCAR INC Detail | PACCAR INC TextBlock | PANTRY INC TextBlock | PANTRY INC Detail | PFIZER INC TextBlock | Rexnord Corp TextBlock | Rexnord Corp Detail | REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC Detail | REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC TextBlock | RR Donnelley & Sons Co Detail | RR Donnelley & Sons Co TextBlock | SHILOH INDUSTRIES INC TextBlock | SHILOH INDUSTRIES INC Detail | SMITH A O CORP TextBlock | SMITH A O CORP Detail | TENNANT CO Detail | TENNANT CO TextBlock | TreeHouse Foods, Inc. Detail | TreeHouse Foods, Inc. TextBlock | VALMONT INDUSTRIES INC Detail | VALMONT INDUSTRIES INC TextBlock | WEYCO GROUP INC TextBlock | WEYCO GROUP INC Detail | xG TECHNOLOGY, INC. TextBlock | xG TECHNOLOGY, INC. Detail | ZOGENIX, INC. Detail | ZOGENIX, INC. TextBlock |

Prototype of Disclosure (Representation structure): Machine Readable
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Inventory balances Abstract us-gaap:InventoryRawMaterialsAndSuppliesNetOfReservesAbstract
2 Raw materials and packaging Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:InventoryRawMaterialsAndSuppliesNetOfReserves
3 Finished goods Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:InventoryFinishedGoodsNetOfReserves
4 Other Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:OtherInventoryNetOfReserves
5 Total inventories Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:InventoryNet

Business Rules for Disclosure: Machine-Readable
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-isSECType fro:DisclosureType
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:InventoryNet
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern fro:RollUp
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-equivalentTextblock us-gaap:ScheduleOfInventoryCurrentTableTextBlock
us-gaap:ScheduleOfInventoryCurrentTableTextBlock rules-arcroles:concept-allowedAlternativeConcept us-gaap:ScheduleOfUtilityInventoryTextBlock
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-relatedPolicy us-gaap:InventoryPolicyTextBlock
us-gaap:InventoryPolicyTextBlock rules-arcroles:concept-allowedAlternativeConcept us-gaap:InventoryMajorClassesPolicy
us-gaap:InventoryPolicyTextBlock rules-arcroles:concept-allowedAlternativeConcept us-gaap:InventorySuppliesPolicy
us-gaap:InventoryPolicyTextBlock rules-arcroles:concept-allowedAlternativeConcept us-gaap:InventoryWorkInProcessPolicy
us-gaap:InventoryPolicyTextBlock rules-arcroles:concept-allowedAlternativeConcept us-gaap:InventoryFinishedGoodsPolicy
disclosures:InventoryNetRollUp rules-arcroles:disclosure-relatedLevel1NoteTextBlock us-gaap:InventoryDisclosureTextBlock

Manual Disclosure Checklist Items
Item Level Disclosure Checklist Item Label Commentary Related


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