BALL CORP | 2013 | FY | 3

22.  Indemnifications and Guarantees


General Guarantees


The company or its appropriate consolidated direct or indirect subsidiaries have made certain indemnities, commitments and guarantees under which the specified entity may be required to make payments in relation to certain transactions. These indemnities, commitments and guarantees include indemnities to the customers of the subsidiaries in connection with the sales of their packaging and aerospace products and services; guarantees to suppliers of subsidiaries of the company guaranteeing the performance of the respective entity under a purchase agreement, construction contract or other commitment; guarantees in respect of certain foreign subsidiaries’ pension plans; indemnities for liabilities associated with the infringement of third party patents, trademarks or copyrights under various types of agreements; indemnities to various lessors in connection with facility, equipment, furniture and other personal property leases for certain claims arising from such leases; indemnities to governmental agencies in connection with the issuance of a permit or license to the company or a subsidiary; indemnities pursuant to agreements relating to certain joint ventures; indemnities in connection with the sale of businesses or substantially all of the assets and specified liabilities of businesses; and indemnities to directors, officers and employees of the company to the extent permitted under the laws of the State of Indiana and the United States of America. The duration of these indemnities, commitments and guarantees varies and, in certain cases, is indefinite. In addition many of these indemnities, commitments and guarantees do not provide for any limitation on the maximum potential future payments the company could be obligated to make. As such, the company is unable to reasonably estimate its potential exposure under these items.


The company has not recorded any liability for these indemnities, commitments and guarantees in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets. The company does, however, accrue for payments under promissory notes and other evidences of incurred indebtedness and for losses for any known contingent liability, including those that may arise from indemnifications, commitments and guarantees, when future payment is both reasonably estimable and probable. Finally, the company carries specific and general liability insurance policies and has obtained indemnities, commitments and guarantees from third party purchasers, sellers and other contracting parties, which the company believes would, in certain circumstances, provide recourse to any claims arising from these indemnifications, commitments and guarantees.


Debt Guarantees


The company’s senior notes and senior credit facilities are guaranteed on a full, unconditional and joint and several basis by certain of the company’s material domestic subsidiaries and the domestic subsidiary borrowers, and obligations of the subsidiary borrowers under the senior credit facilities are guaranteed by the company. Loans borrowed under the senior credit facilities by foreign subsidiary borrowers are also effectively guaranteed by certain of the company’s foreign subsidiaries by pledges of stock of the foreign subsidiary borrowers and stock of material foreign subsidiaries. These guarantees are required in support of the notes and credit facilities referred to above, are co-terminous with the terms of the respective note indentures and credit agreements and would require performance upon certain events of default referred to in the respective guarantees. The maximum potential amounts which could be required to be paid under the domestic guarantees are essentially equal to the then outstanding principal and interest under the respective notes and credit agreements, or under the applicable tranche, and the maximum potential amounts that could be required to be paid under the foreign stock pledges by foreign subsidiaries are essentially equal to the value of the stock pledged. The company is not in default under the above notes or credit facilities. The condensed consolidating financial information for the guarantor and non-guarantor subsidiaries is presented in Note 20. Separate financial statements for the guarantor subsidiaries and the non-guarantor subsidiaries are not presented because management has determined that such financial statements are not required by the current regulations.


Accounts Receivable Securitization


Ball Capital Corp. II is a separate, wholly owned corporate entity created for the purchase of accounts receivable from certain of the company’s wholly owned subsidiaries. Ball Capital Corp. II’s assets will be available first to satisfy the claims of its creditors. The company has been designated as the servicer pursuant to an agreement whereby Ball Capital Corp. II may sell and assign the accounts receivable to a commercial lender or lenders. As the servicer, the company is responsible for the servicing, administration and collection of the receivables and is primarily liable for the performance of such obligations. The company, the relevant subsidiaries and Ball Capital Corp. II are not in default under the above credit arrangement.