In the ordinary course of business, we agree to indemnify certain other parties under acquisition and disposition agreements, customer agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements, and other agreements. Such indemnification obligations vary in scope and, when defined, in duration. In many cases, a maximum obligation is not explicitly stated, and therefore the overall maximum amount of the liability under such indemnification obligations cannot be reasonably estimated. Where appropriate, such indemnification obligations are recorded as a liability. Historically, we have not, individually or in the aggregate, made payments under these indemnification obligations in any material amounts. In certain circumstances, we believe that existing insurance arrangements, subject to the general deduction and exclusion provisions, would cover portions of the liability that may arise from these indemnification obligations. In addition, we believe that the likelihood of a material liability being triggered under these indemnification obligations is not significant.
From time to time we enter into agreements that obligate us to make fixed payments upon the occurrence of certain events. Such obligations primarily relate to obligations arising under acquisition transactions, where we have agreed to make payments based upon the achievement of certain financial performance measures by the acquired business. Generally, the obligation is capped at an explicit amount. See Note 2 for detail regarding the P4 Healthcare contingent consideration obligation.