Note 13—Guarantees


At December 31, 2013, we were liable for certain contingent obligations under various contractual arrangements as described below. We recognize a liability at inception for the fair value of our obligation as a guarantor for newly issued or modified guarantees. Unless the carrying amount of the liability is noted below, we have not recognized a liability either because the guarantees were issued prior to December 31, 2002, or because the fair value of the obligation is immaterial. In addition, unless otherwise stated, we are not currently performing with any significance under the guarantee and expect future performance to be either immaterial or have only a remote chance of occurrence.


APLNG Guarantees

At December 31, 2013, we have outstanding multiple guarantees in connection with our 37.5 percent ownership interest in APLNG. The following is a description of the guarantees with values calculated utilizing December 2013 exchange rates:


Other Guarantees

We have other guarantees with maximum future potential payment amounts totaling approximately $260 million, which consist primarily of guarantees of the residual value of leased corporate aircraft, guarantees to fund the short-term cash liquidity deficit of two joint ventures, a guarantee for our portion of a joint venture's debt obligations and a guarantee of minimum charter revenue for an LNG vessel. These guarantees have remaining terms of up to 10 years or the life of the venture and would become payable if, upon sale, certain asset values are lower than guaranteed amounts, business conditions decline at guaranteed entities, or as a result of non-performance of contractual terms by guaranteed parties.



Over the years, we have entered into agreements to sell ownership interests in certain corporations, joint ventures and assets that gave rise to qualifying indemnifications. These agreements include indemnifications for taxes, environmental liabilities, employee claims, and litigation. The terms of these indemnifications vary greatly. The majority of these indemnifications are related to environmental issues, the term is generally indefinite and the maximum amount of future payments is generally unlimited. The carrying amount recorded for these indemnifications at December 31, 2013, was approximately $60 million. We amortize the indemnification liability over the relevant time period, if one exists, based on the facts and circumstances surrounding each type of indemnity. In cases where the indemnification term is indefinite, we will reverse the liability when we have information the liability is essentially relieved or amortize the liability over an appropriate time period as the fair value of our indemnification exposure declines. Although it is reasonably possible future payments may exceed amounts recorded, due to the nature of the indemnifications, it is not possible to make a reasonable estimate of the maximum potential amount of future payments. Included in the recorded carrying amount at December 31, 2013 were approximately $50 million of environmental accruals for known contamination that are included in the “Asset retirement obligations and accrued environmental costs” line on our consolidated balance sheet. For additional information about environmental liabilities, see Note 14—Contingencies and Commitments.


In connection with the separation of the Downstream business, the Company entered into an Indemnification and Release Agreement with Phillips 66. This agreement provided for cross-indemnities between Phillips 66 and ConocoPhillips and established procedures for handling claims subject to indemnification and related matters. We evaluated the impact of the indemnifications given and the Phillips 66 indemnifications received as of the separation date and concluded those fair values were immaterial.