Business Reporting Ontologies Index

(Draft Version of 2009-12-24)

These business reporting ontologies were created by Charles Hoffman and Rene van Egmond. They are DRAFTS. These documents are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


RDF Index of Ontologies

Line Description Ontology File Location Ontology Documentation (PDF Tree) Ontology Documentation (HTML List)
1 Ontology for business reporting. Ontology-BusinessReporting.xml Ontology-BusinessReporting.pdf Ontology-BusinessReporting.html
2 Ontology for financial reporting. Ontology-FinancialReporting.xml Ontology-FinancialReporting.pdf Ontology-FinancialReporting.html
3 Ontology for the multidimensional model. Ontology-MultidimensionalModel.xml Ontology-MultidimensionalModel.pdf Ontology-MultidimensionalModel.html
4 Ontology for SEC regulations. Ontology-SECRegulations.xml Ontology-SECRegulations.pdf Ontology-SECRegulations.html
5 Ontology for US GAAP. Ontology-US-GAAP.xml Ontology-US-GAAP.pdf Ontology-US-GAAP.html
6 Ontology for US GAAP Taxonomy. Ontology-US-GAAP-Taxonomy.xml Ontology-US-GAAP-Taxonomy.pdf Ontology-US-GAAP-Taxonomy.html
7 Ontology for XBRL syntax. Ontology-XBRLSyntax.xml Ontology-XBRLSyntax.pdf Ontology-XBRLSyntax.html
8 Ontology for Key Financial Ratios Ontology-KeyRatios.xml Ontology-KeyRatios.pdf Ontology-KeyRatios.html

RDF Triples Libraries

Line Title Description File Location Documentation Location
1 US GAAP Taxonomy File Information RDF triples which contain information about the US GAAP Taxonomy files.
2 US GAAP Taxonomy Extended Link Information Useful organizations of networks (extended links) which makes it easier to find the networks you need to use.
3 Concepts for Specialised Industries Contains mappings to information relating to particular industries in the US GAAP Taxonomy. For example, pointers to all concepts related to the airlines industry.
4 US GAAP Taxonomy Concepts synonyms Database of synonyms for US GAAP Taxonomy concepts which helps make finding concepts easier. Maps US GAAP Taxonomy concepts to commonly used terms.