State Fact Book Index

Welcome to the state fact book prototype. The purpose of this prototype is to compare and contrast the characteristics of information sets made available in XHTML, XML, XBRL, iXBRL, and RDF.

This state fact book contains information about the U.S. states. This data set was chosen simply because it is easy to understand and lots of information is available which can easily grabbed from the Web and worked with.

Using this data: Below is a list of data resources which are made available. You can use this Excel spreadsheet to get information from this state fact book. Here is the Excel spreadsheet. You can reverse engineer the sample code to extract information from any of these file formats.

Hypercube Demo: This demo shows how a hypercube connects what amounts to slicers, rows, and columns together. I call it an interactive information hypercube. Download this interactive information hypercube demo and check it out. You can reverse engineer the sample code to learn more. This document is helpful in walking you through the demo.

*** Business Reporting Logical Model Version of State Fact Book Information (Please use this)*** : This is an updated version of the XBRL below which complies with the Business Reporting Logical Model. Please use this version: General Information | Financial Information | Population Trends Information

Data Set Resource Name Resource Description Link to Information
Set-001 General information about state (summary) General information about each US State. For example, state song, state bird, state tree, population information. This contains all information in all files, except for financial information. Image Image Image Image Image
Set-002 Financial information about state (income statement) Financial information for 2008 for each state. Contains income statement. Information is from the US Census Bureau. Image Image Image
Set-003 State capital and largest city Largest city and state capital of each state. Based on Image Image
Set-004 Entered union Dates each state entered union and dates each state were settled. Based on Image Image
Set-005 State population Population information by state for 2009 per US Census estimates. Image Image
Set-006 Crime statistics State violent crime statistics per 100,0000 inhabitants, based on For 2006. Image Image
Set-007 Other information Other general state information and statistics such as state bird, state song, state tree, various abreviations, etc. Image Image
Set-008 Population Trends Population trends of the states and District of Columbia from 2000 through 2009. Image Image Image

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