Comprehensive Example

Fixing two XBRL Formula issues, otherwise this is updated.

# Item Description
A. Use Case Name ComprehensiveExample
B. Description Consolidation of all business use cases to test integrity between the business use cases. Also, intended to look as much like a financial statement as possible.
C. Visual example
D. Visual example file PDF
E. Report elements HTML | XML Infoset
F. Report element relations XSD (Company) | XSD (GAAP) | Relations (HTML) | Relations Infoset (XML)
G. Report XBRL | Fact Tables (HTML)| Fact Table Infoset (XML)| Rendering (HTML)
H. Business rules XBRL Formulas (Company) | XBRL Formulas (GAAP) | XBRL Formulas Valiation Results | Business rules (HTML) | XBRL Calculation validation results
I. XBRL technical syntax validation (double check) HTML (UBmatrix) | HTML (XBRL Cloud)
J. Recap/Examination prototype tool/viewer HTML
K. ZIP Archieve with All Files ZIP

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