Comprehensive Example (2012-09-30)

# Item Description
A. Business use case name Comprehensive Example
B. Description The Comprehensive Example takes the complete set of business use cases, puts them all into one XBRL taxonomy and XBRL instance, and shows how one part of an XBRL taxonomy and XBRL instance interrelates with other parts in one comprehensive digital financial report.
C. Visual example
D. Visual example file PDF | XSLT used to generate XSL-FO for PDF generation
E. XBRL taxonomy XSD (Company) | XSD (GAAP)
F. XBRL instance XBRL instance
G. XBRL formulas XBRL Formulas (Company) | XBRL Formulas (GAAP domain level and Industry/activity level)
H. Human readable viewer (thank you to XBRL Cloud) HTML Version of XBRL Cloud Evidence Package
I. ZIP Archieve with All Files ZIP
J. Automated validation results XBRL validation (UBmatrix Taxonomy Designer) | XBRL validation (XBRL Cloud XRun) | XBRL validation (CoreFilings TrueNorth) | XBRL validation (XBRL Cloud) | XBRL validation (UBmatrix XPE) | XBRL calculations validation (UBmatrix Taxonomy Designer) | XBRL calculations validation (UBmatrix XPE) | XBRL Formula validation (UBmatrix XPE)

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