Comprehensive Example: Flow

Line Color Code Label BRM Object Class Name
* Network: (Report Flow)
1 company: Financial Report [Flow] [Report Flow] company:FinancialReportFlow
2 company: Primary Financials [Schedule] [Schedule] company:PrimaryFinancialsSchedule
3 company: Financial Highlights [Schedule] [Schedule] company:FinancialHighlightsSchedule
4 gaap: Financial Highlights [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:FinancialHighlightsFactGroup
5 company: Consolidated Balance Sheets [Schedule] [Schedule] company:ConsolidatedBalanceSheetsSchedule
6 gaap: Balance Sheet [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:BalanceSheetFactGroup
7 gaap: Preferred Stock, by Class [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PreferredStockByClassFactGroup
8 gaap: Common Stock, by Class [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:CommonStockByClassFactGroup
9 company: Consolidated Income Statements [Schedule] [Schedule] company:ConsolidatedIncomeStatementsSchedule
10 gaap: Income Statement [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:IncomeStatementFactGroup
11 gaap: Earnings Per Share [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:EarningsPerShareFactGroup
12 company: Consolidated Cash Flow Statement [Schedule] [Schedule] company:ConsolidatedCashFlowStatementSchedule
13 gaap: Cash Flow Statement, Direct Method [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:CashFlowStatementDirectMethodFactGroup
14 company: Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity [Schedule] [Schedule] company:ConsolidatedStatementChangesInEquitySchedule
15 gaap: Statement of Changes in Equity [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:StatementOfChangesInEquityFactGroup
16 gaap: Statement of Changes in Equity, Preferred Stock by Class [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:StatementOfChangesInEquityPreferredStockByClassFactGroup
17 gaap: Statement of Changes in Equity, Common Stock by Class [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:StatementOfChangesInEquityCommonStockByClassFactGroup
18 company: Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements [Schedule] [Schedule] company:NotesToConsolidatedFinancialStatementsSchedule
19 company: Note 1, General [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note1GeneralSchedule
20 gaap: Overall Financial Reporting Presentation and Display Matters [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:OverallFinancialReportingPresentationAndDisplayMattersFactGroup
21 company: Note 2, Significant Accounting Policies [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note2SignificantAccountingPoliciesSchedule
22 gaap: Accounting Policies [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:AccountingPoliciesFactGroup
23 company: Note 3, Cash Equivalents and Investments [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note3CashEquivalentsInvestmentsSchedule
24 gaap: Cash and Cash Equivalents, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:CashCashEquivalentsDisclosuresFactGroup
25 gaap: Cash and Cash Equivalents, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:CashCashEquivalentsDetailsFactGroup
26 gaap: Reconciliation of Cash, Summary [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReconciliationOfCashSummaryFactGroup
27 gaap: Reconciling Item of Cash and Cash Equivalents [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReconcilingItemOfCashAndCashEquivalentsFactGroup
28 gaap: Investment [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:InvestmentFactGroup
29 company: Note 4, Receivables [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note4ReceivablesSchedule
30 gaap: Receivables, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReceivablesDisclosuresFactGroup
31 gaap: Receivables, Details, Current/Noncurrent [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReceivablesDetailsCurrentNoncurrentFactGroup
32 gaap: Receivables, Details, Gross/Net [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReceivablesDetailsGrossNetFactGroup
33 gaap: Receivables, Details, by Compoment [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ReceivablesDetailsByCompomentFactGroup
34 company: Note 5, Inventories [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note5InventoriesSchedule
35 gaap: Inventory [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:InventoryFactGroup
36 company: Note 6, Prepaid Expenses [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note6PrepaidExpensesSchedule
37 gaap: Prepaid Expenses [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PrepaidExpensesFactGroup
38 company: Note 7, Property, Plant and Equipment [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note7PropertyPlantEquipmentSchedule
39 gaap: Property, Plant and Equipment, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PropertyPlantEquipmentDisclosuresFactGroup
40 gaap: Property, Plant and Equipment, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PropertyPlantEquipmentDetailsFactGroup
41 gaap: Property, Plant and Equipment, Movement [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PropertyPlantEquipmentMovementFactGroup
42 gaap: Property, Plant and Equipment, Disclosures, Class as Measure [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PropertyPlantEquipmentDisclosuresClassAsMeasureFactGroup
43 gaap: Property, Plant and Equipment, Details, Class as Measure [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PropertyPlantEquipmentDetailsClassAsMeasureFactGroup
44 gaap: Leasehold Land and Building [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:LeaseholdLandAndBuildingFactGroup
45 company: Note 8, Other Assets [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note8OtherAssetsSchedule
46 gaap: Other Assets, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:OtherAssetsDisclosuresFactGroup
47 gaap: Other Assets, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:OtherAssetsDetailsFactGroup
48 company: Note 9, Payables and AccrualsCurrent Liabilities [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note9PayablesAccrualsCurrentLiabilitiesSchedule
49 gaap: Payables and Accruals, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PayablesAccrualsDisclosuresFactGroup
50 gaap: Payables and Accruals, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:PayablesAccrualsDetailsFactGroup
51 company: Note 10, Debt [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note10DebtSchedule
52 gaap: Debt, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:DebtDisclosuresFactGroup
53 gaap: Debt, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:DebtDetailsFactGroup
54 gaap: Long-Term Debt, Maturities [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:Long-TermDebtMaturitiesFactGroup
55 gaap: Debt Instrument [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:DebtInstrumentFactGroup
56 company: Note 11, Other Liabilities [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note11OtherLiabilitiesSchedule
57 gaap: Other Liabilities, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:OtherLiabilitiesDisclosuresFactGroup
58 gaap: Other Liabilities, Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:OtherLiabilitiesDetailsFactGroup
59 company: Note 12, Equity [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note12EquitySchedule
60 gaap: Equity, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:EquityDisclosuresFactGroup
61 company: Note 13, Income Taxes [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note13IncomeTaxesSchedule
62 gaap: Income Taxes, Disclosures [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:IncomeTaxesDisclosuresFactGroup
63 gaap: Income Tax Expense (Benefit), Details [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:IncomeTaxExpenseBenefitDetailsFactGroup
64 company: Note 14, Subsequent Events [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note14SubsequentEventsSchedule
65 gaap: Subsequent Event [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:SubsequentEventFactGroup
66 company: Note 15, Business Segments [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note15BusinessSegmentsSchedule
67 gaap: Business Segments [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:BusinessSegmentsFactGroup
68 company: Note 16, Related Party Transactions [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note16RelatedPartyTransactionsSchedule
69 gaap: Related Party [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:RelatedPartyFactGroup
70 gaap: Related Party Transaction [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:RelatedPartyTransactionFactGroup
71 company: Note 17, Director Compensation [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note17DirectorCompensationSchedule
72 gaap: Director Compensation [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:DirectorCompensationFactGroup
73 company: Note 18, Share Ownership Plans [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note18ShareOwnershipPlansSchedule
74 gaap: Share Ownership Plan [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:ShareOwnershipPlanFactGroup
75 company: Note 19, Other Matters [Schedule] [Schedule] company:Note19OtherMattersSchedule
76 gaap: Sales Analysis, by Customer [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:SalesAnalysisByCustomerFactGroup
77 company: Variance Analysis, Gross Profit [Fact Group] [Fact Group] company:VarianceAnalysisGrossProfitFactGroup
78 company: Supplementary Information [Schedule] [Schedule] company:SupplementaryInformationSchedule
79 gaap: Document Information [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:DocumentInformationFactGroup
80 gaap: Address [Fact Group] [Fact Group] gaap:AddressFactGroup