Measure Relations: Measure Relations; Business/Financial Reporting Logical Model

Line Color Code Label BRM Object Class Period type Balance Name
* Network: (Income Statement)
1 pattern: Income Statement [Fact Group] [Fact Group] pattern:IncomeStatementFactGroup
2 frm: Legal Entity [Measure] [Measure] (Characteristics) frm:LegalEntityMeasure
3 frm: Legal Entities, All [Domain] [Domain/Member] frm:LegalEntitiesAllDomain
4 pattern: Sample Company [Member] [Domain/Member] pattern:SampleCompanyMember
5 frm: Business Segment [Measure] [Measure] (Characteristics) frm:BusinessSegmentMeasure
6 frm: Consolidated Group [Domain] [Domain/Member] frm:ConsolidatedGroupDomain
7 pattern: Income Statement [Measure-Concepts] [Measure] (Concepts) pattern:IncomeStatementMeasure-Concepts
8 pattern: Net Income (Loss) [Roll Up] [Roll Up Information Model] pattern:NetIncomeLossRollUp
9 pattern: Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes [Roll Up] [Roll Up Information Model] pattern:IncomeLossFromContinuingOperationsBeforeIncomeTaxesRollUp
10 pattern: Operating Income (Loss) [Roll Up] [Roll Up Information Model] pattern:OperatingIncomeLossRollUp
11 pattern: Gross Profit (Loss) [Roll Up] [Roll Up Information Model] pattern:GrossProfitLossRollUp
12 pattern: Revenues, Net [Roll Up] [Roll Up Information Model] pattern:RevenuesNetRollUp
13 pattern: Revenues, Gross [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:RevenuesGross
14 pattern: Returns and Allowances [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration debit pattern:ReturnsAndAllowances
15 pattern: Revenues, Net [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:RevenuesNet
16 pattern: Cost of Sales [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration debit pattern:CostOfSales
17 pattern: Gross Profit (Loss) [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:GrossProfitLoss
18 pattern: Other Operating Income [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:OtherOperatingIncome
19 pattern: Other Operating Expenses [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration debit pattern:OtherOperatingExpenses
20 pattern: Operating Income (Loss) [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:OperatingIncomeLoss
21 pattern: Nonoperating Income (Loss) [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:NonoperatingIncomeLoss
22 pattern: Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:IncomeLossFromContinuingOperationsBeforeIncomeTaxes
23 pattern: Income Tax Expense (Benefit) [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration debit pattern:IncomeTaxExpenseBenefit
24 pattern: Net Income (Loss) [Concept] (xbrli:monetaryItemType) duration credit pattern:NetIncomeLoss