Add Members Without Extension (Business Use Case)

Ref Item Description
A. Number BUC31
B. Title Add Members Without Extension
C. Description Show how extension can be achieve without the need to extend an XBRL taxonomy.
D. Examples of Use Whenever it is impractical to add explicit Members to a Measure within or an XBRL taxonomy or extension is not desirable. Be aware of the down side of using this syntax.
E. Visualization Example PDF
F. Auto Generated Rendering HTML
G. XBRL Instance XBRL
H. XBRL Taxonomy XSD
I. BRM Measure Relations Info Set HTML | XML
J. BRM Fact Groups Info Set HTML | XML
K. XBRL Formulas XML (Linkbase)
L. XBRL Formulas Validation Results (UBmatrix) HTML
M. XBRL Calculations Validation Results (UBmatrix) HTML
N. XSLT to Render XBRL Instance as PDF (i.e. used to produce E above) XSLT
O. JPEG Image of Use Case JPEG

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