Report Element Information
Run date/time: 6/5/2011 7:34:39 AM
Report Element Attributes:
Report element from taxonomy prefix: dei
DEI taxonomy standard label: dei: Entity Filer Category
Filer taxonomy standard label: Entity Filer Category
Documentation: Indicate whether the registrant is one of the following: (1) Large Accelerated Filer, (2) Accelerated Filer, (3) Non-accelerated Filer, or (4) Smaller Reporting Company. Definitions of these categories are stated in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act. This information should be based on the registrant's current or most recent filing containing the related disclosure.
Balance type:  
Period type: For Period (duration)
Report element type: [Concept]
Data type: Filer Category (dei:filerCategoryItemType)
ID: dei_EntityFilerCategory
Name: dei:EntityFilerCategory

Labels of Report Element: (Labels from filer taxonomy, does not include other labels)
Role: Label Lang
Standard label ( Entity Filer Category en-US

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