Model: SEC XBRL Basic Financial, Leverage XBRL (Under construction)

Ref Item Description
A. Number 1
B. Title Basic Financial, Leverage XBRL
C. Description A perfect XBRL financial from a data modeling perspective. Ties everything together tightly, scalable, easy to articulate creation rules, etc. Shows the connections between the different areas of a financial statement.
D. Industry Commercial and Industrial Companies
E. SEC Viewer Rendering PDF
F. XBRL Instance (See how to view this using the XBRL viewer add on for Firefox) XBRL | Human Readable Fact Table Infoset (HTML) | Computer Readable Fact Table Infoset (XML)
G. XBRL Taxonomy XSD | Human Readable (HTML) | Computer Readable Infoset (XML)
H. Business Rules (XBRL Formulas) XML (Linkbase) | Validation Results
I. Download Files (works with SEC Previewer) ZIP
J. Download ALL Files (helps you reverse engineer XBRL instance and XBRL taxonomy) ZIP
K. Edgar Filer Manual Validation Results (Thank you to XBRL Cloud) HTML

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