XBRLSITE.COM contains many samples, examples, and other information related to XBRL.  This site should generally be accessed from the context of either my blog or the Digital Financial Reporting or SEC Logical Model and Glossary wikis. They provide context for the many examples and samples.

This site is maintained by Charles Hoffman.  Please send feedback to CharlesHoffman@olywa.net.  Be sure to check out my blog!

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XBRLSITE.COM is intended to be helpful to semi-technical business users who are trying to understand and use XBRL.

For more information about working with XBRL please see my blog.

A great resource for learning about XBRL is XBRL for Dummies.  This book is very helpful to business and technical  people who want to wrap their heads around XBRL.  For more information about XBRL for Dummies this web page.