Forest Laboratories Inc XBRL Taxonomy Presentation Networks

-Network: (1000 - Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets)
-Statement of Financial Position [Abstract] {ID1}
-Statement [Table] {ID2}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID3}
-Assets {ID4}
-Current assets: {ID5}
Cash (including cash equivalent investments of $1,520,685 in June and $1,337,871 in March) {ID6}
Marketable securities {ID7}
Accounts receivable, less allowance for doubtful accounts of $18,562 in June and $18,511 in March {ID8}
Inventories, net {ID9}
Deferred income taxes {ID10}
Other current assets {ID11}
Total current assets {ID12}
Marketable securities {ID13}
Land and buildings {ID14}
Machinery, equipment and other {ID15}
Property, plant and equipment {ID16}
Less: accumulated depreciation {ID17}
Property, plant and equipment, net {ID18}
-Other assets: {ID19}
Goodwill {ID20}
License agreements, product rights and other intangibles, less accumulated amortization of $483,883 in June and $474,960 in March {ID21}
Deferred income taxes {ID22}
Other assets {ID23}
Total other assets {ID24}
Total assets {ID25}
-Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity {ID26}
-Current liabilities: {ID27}
Accounts payable {ID28}
Accrued expenses {ID29}
Income taxes payable {ID30}
Total current liabilities {ID31}
-Long-term liabilities: {ID32}
Income tax liabilities {ID33}
Deferred income taxes {ID34}
-Stockholders' equity: {ID35}
Series preferred stock, $1.00 par; shares authorized 1,000; no shares issued or outstanding {ID36}
Common stock, $.10 par; shares authorized 1,000,000; issued 422,356 shares in June and 422,268 shares in March {ID37}
Additional paid-in capital {ID38}
Retained earnings {ID39}
Accumulated other comprehensive loss {ID40}
Treasury stock, at cost (120,680 shares in June and 120,653 shares in March) {ID41}
Total stockholders' equity {ID42}
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity {ID43}
-Network: (1100 - Parenthetical Data to the Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets)
-Statement of Financial Position [Abstract] {ID44}
-Statement [Table] {ID45}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID46}
-Assets {ID47}
-Current assets: {ID48}
Cash equivalent investments {ID49}
Accounts receivable, allowance for doubtful accounts {ID50}
-Other assets: {ID51}
License agreements, product rights and other intangibles, accumulated amortization {ID52}
-Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity {ID53}
-Stockholders' equity: {ID54}
Series preferred stock, par (in dollars per share) {ID55}
Series preferred stock, shares authorized (in shares) {ID56}
Series preferred stock, no shares issued (in shares) {ID57}
Series preferred stock, no shares outstanding (in shares) {ID58}
Common stock, par (in dollars per share) {ID59}
Common stock, shares authorized (in shares) {ID60}
Common stock, issued shares (in shares) {ID61}
Treasury stock, shares (in shares) {ID62}
-Network: (2000 - Condensed Consolidated Statements of Income)
-Income Statement [Abstract] {ID63}
-Statement [Table] {ID64}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID65}
Net sales {ID66}
Contract revenue {ID67}
Interest income {ID68}
Other income {ID69}
Total revenue {ID70}
-Costs and expenses: {ID71}
Cost of sales {ID72}
Selling, general and administrative {ID73}
Research and development {ID74}
Total costs and expenses {ID75}
Income before income tax expense {ID76}
Income tax expense {ID77}
Net income {ID78}
-Net income per common share: {ID79}
Basic (in dollars per share) {ID80}
Diluted (in dollars per share) {ID81}
-Weighted average number of common shares outstanding: {ID82}
Basic (in shares) {ID83}
Diluted (in shares) {ID84}
-Network: (3000 - Condensed Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income)
-Comprehensive income: {ID85}
-Statement [Table] {ID86}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID87}
Net income {ID88}
-Other comprehensive income (loss): {ID89}
Foreign currency translation gains (losses) {ID90}
-Unrealized gains (losses) on securities: {ID91}
Unrealized holding gains (losses) arising during the period, net of tax {ID92}
Other comprehensive income (loss) {ID93}
Comprehensive income {ID94}
-Network: (5000 - Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows)
-Statement of Cash Flows [Abstract] {ID95}
-Statement [Table] {ID96}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID97}
-Cash flows from operating activities: {ID98}
Net income {ID99}
-Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities: {ID100}
Depreciation {ID101}
Amortization and impairments {ID102}
Stock-based compensation expense {ID103}
Deferred income tax benefit {ID104}
Foreign currency transaction loss (gain) {ID105}
-Net change in operating assets and liabilities: {ID106}
-Decrease (increase) in: {ID107}
Accounts receivable, net {ID108}
Inventories, net {ID109}
Other current assets {ID110}
Other assets {ID111}
-Increase (decrease) in {ID112}
Accounts payable {ID113}
Accrued expenses {ID114}
Income taxes liabilities {ID115}
Net cash provided by operating activities {ID116}
-Cash flows from investing activities: {ID117}
Purchase of property, plant and equipment {ID118}
Purchase of marketable securities {ID119}
Redemption of marketable securities {ID120}
Purchase of license agreements, product rights and other intangibles {ID121}
Net cash (used in) provided by investing activities {ID122}
-Cash flows from financing activities: {ID123}
Net proceeds from common stock options exercised by employees under stock option plans {ID124}
Tax benefit realized from the exercise of stock options by employees {ID125}
Purchase of treasury stock {ID126}
Net cash used in financing activities {ID127}
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash {ID128}
Increase in cash and cash equivalents {ID129}
Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period {ID130}
Cash and cash equivalents, end of period {ID131}
-Supplemental disclosures of cash flow information: {ID132}
-Cash paid during the period for: {ID133}
Income taxes {ID134}
-Network: (6000 - Basis of Presentation)
-Basis of Presentation {ID135}
Basis of Presentation {ID136}
-Network: (6010 - Accounts Receivable )
-Accounts Receivable {ID137}
Accounts Receivable {ID138}
-Network: (6020 - Inventories)
-Inventories {ID139}
Inventories {ID140}
-Network: (6030 - Fair Value Measurements )
-Fair Value Measurements {ID141}
Fair Value Measurements {ID142}
-Network: (6040 - Marketable Securities )
-Marketable Securities [Abstract] {ID143}
Marketable Securities {ID144}
-Network: (6050 - License and Collaboration Agreements )
-License and Collaboration Agreements {ID145}
License and Collaboration Agreements {ID146}
-Network: (6060 - Net Income Per Share )
-Net Income Per Share {ID147}
Net Income Per Share {ID148}
-Network: (6070 - Stock Based Compensation )
-Stock-Based Compensation {ID149}
Stock-Based Compensation {ID150}
-Network: (6080 - Business Segment Information )
-Business Segment Information {ID151}
Business Segment Information {ID152}
-Network: (6090 - Long Term Debt)
-Long-Term Debt {ID153}
Long-Term Debt {ID154}
-Network: (6100 - Income Taxes)
-Income Taxes {ID155}
Income Taxes {ID156}
-Network: (6110 - Subsequent Event )
-Subsequent Event {ID157}
Subsequent Event {ID158}
-Network: (995200 - Document - Document Information)
-Document Information [Text Block] {ID159}
-Document Information [Table] {ID160}
-Document Information, Document [Axis] {ID161}
Document [Domain] {ID162}
-Document Information [Line Items] {ID163}
Document Name {ID164}
Document Title {ID165}
Document Subtitle {ID166}
Document Synopsis {ID167}
Document Type {ID168}
Document Report Type {ID169}
Amendment Flag {ID170}
Amendment Description {ID171}
Document Description {ID172}
Document Creation Date {ID173}
Document Effective Date {ID174}
Document Period Start Date {ID175}
Document Period End Date {ID176}
Document Fiscal Year Focus {ID177}
Document Fiscal Period Focus {ID178}
Document Version {ID179}
Document Copyright Information {ID180}
Contained File Information, File Name {ID181}
Contained File Information, File Description {ID182}
Contained File Information, File Type {ID183}
Contained File Information, File Number {ID184}
-Network: (995400 - Document - Entity Information)
-Entity [Text Block] {ID185}
-Entities [Table] {ID186}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID187}
Entity [Domain] {ID188}
-Entity Information [Line Items] {ID189}
Entity Registrant Name {ID190}
Entity Central Index Key {ID191}
Entity Tax Identification Number {ID192}
Entity Data Universal Numbering System Number {ID193}
Entity Other Identification Type {ID194}
Entity Other Identification Value {ID195}
Entity Information, Current Legal or Registered Name {ID196}
Entity Information, Former Legal or Registered Name {ID197}
Entity Information, Date to Change Former Legal or Registered Name {ID198}
Entity Legal Form {ID199}
Entity Home Country ISO Code {ID200}
Parent Entity Legal Name {ID201}
Entity Accounting Standard {ID202}
Entity Reporting Currency ISO Code {ID203}
Entity Incorporation, State Country Name {ID204}
Entity Incorporation, Date of Incorporation {ID205}
Entity Number of Employees {ID206}
Current Fiscal Year End Date {ID207}
Former Fiscal Year End Date {ID208}
Entity Well-known Seasoned Issuer {ID209}
Entity Voluntary Filers {ID210}
Entity Current Reporting Status {ID211}
Entity Filer Category {ID212}
Entity Public Float {ID213}
Entity Common Stock, Shares Outstanding {ID214}
-Entity Sector Industry Classifications [Table] {ID215}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID216}
Entity [Domain] {ID217}
-Entity Sector Industry Classifications, Sector [Axis] {ID218}
Sector [Domain] {ID219}
-Entity Sector Industry Classifications [Line Items] {ID220}
Entity Sector Industry Classification, Primary {ID221}
-Entity North American Industry Classifications [Table] {ID222}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID223}
Entity [Domain] {ID224}
-Entity North American Industry Classifications, Industry [Axis] {ID225}
NAICS [Domain] {ID226}
-Entity North American Industry Classifications [Line Items] {ID227}
Entity North American Industry Classification, Primary {ID228}
-Entity Contact Personnel [Table] {ID229}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID230}
Entity [Domain] {ID231}
-Entity Contact Personnel, Contact Person Type [Axis] {ID232}
-Contact Person Type [Domain] {ID233}
Document Contact [Member] {ID234}
Legal Contact [Member] {ID235}
Business Contact [Member] {ID236}
Accounting Contact [Member] {ID237}
Investor Relations Contact [Member] {ID238}
Human Resources Contact [Member] {ID239}
-Entity Contact Personnel [Line Items] {ID240}
Contact Personnel Name {ID241}
Contact Personnel Email Address {ID242}
Contact Personnel Uniform Resource Locator (URL) {ID243}
-Entity Addresses [Table] {ID244}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID245}
Entity [Domain] {ID246}
-Entity Addresses, Address Type [Axis] {ID247}
-Address Type [Domain] {ID248}
Mailing Address [Member] {ID249}
Principal Address [Member] {ID250}
Other Address [Member] {ID251}
Legal Address [Member] {ID252}
Accounting Address [Member] {ID253}
Contact Address [Member] {ID254}
-Entity Addresses [Line Items] {ID255}
Entity Address, Address Description {ID256}
Entity Address, Address Line 1 {ID257}
Entity Address, Address Line 2 {ID258}
Entity Address, Address Line 3 {ID259}
Entity Address, City or Town {ID260}
Entity Address, State or Province {ID261}
Entity Address, Region {ID262}
Entity Address, Country {ID263}
Entity Address, Postal Zip Code {ID264}
-Entity Phone Fax Numbers [Table] {ID265}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID266}
Entity [Domain] {ID267}
-Entity Phone Fax Numbers, Phone Fax Number Type [Axis] {ID268}
-Phone Fax Number Type [Domain] {ID269}
Investor Relations Phone [Member] {ID270}
Investor Relations Fax [Member] {ID271}
General Phone [Member] {ID272}
General Fax [Member] {ID273}
Legal Phone [Member] {ID274}
Legal Fax [Member] {ID275}
Accounting Phone [Member] {ID276}
Accounting Fax [Member] {ID277}
Contact Phone [Member] {ID278}
Contact Fax [Member] {ID279}
-Entity Phone Fax Numbers [Line Items] {ID280}
Phone Fax Number Description {ID281}
Country Region {ID282}
City Area Code {ID283}
Local Phone Number {ID284}
Extension {ID285}
-Entity Listings [Table] {ID286}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID287}
Entity [Domain] {ID288}
-Entity Listings, Instrument [Axis] {ID289}
Instrument [Domain] {ID290}
-Entity Listings, Exchange [Axis] {ID291}
Exchange [Domain] {ID292}
-Entity Listings [Line Items] {ID293}
Trading Symbol {ID294}
Entity Listing, Primary {ID295}
Entity Listing, Foreign {ID296}
Entity Listing, Depository Receipt Ratio {ID297}
Entity Listing, Description {ID298}
Entity Listing, Security Trading Currency {ID299}
Entity Listing, Par Value Per Share {ID300}
-Entity Location [Table] {ID301}
-Legal Entity [Axis] {ID302}
Entity [Domain] {ID303}
-Entity by Location [Axis] {ID304}
Location [Domain] {ID305}
-Entity Location [Line Items] {ID306}
Entity Location, Primary {ID307}