AMETEK, Inc. XBRL Taxonomy Presentation Networks

-Network: (00 - Document - Document and Company Information)
-Document And Company Information [Abstract] {ID1}
Entity Registrant Name {ID2}
Entity Central Index Key {ID3}
Document Type {ID4}
Document Period End Date {ID5}
Amendment Flag {ID6}
Amendment Description {ID7}
Current Fiscal Year End Date {ID8}
Entity Well-known Seasoned Issuer {ID9}
Entity Voluntary Filers {ID10}
Entity Current Reporting Status {ID11}
Entity Filer Category {ID12}
Entity Public Float {ID13}
Entity Common Stock, Shares Outstanding {ID14}
-Network: (01 - Statement - Consolidated Statement of Income)
-Statement of Income [Abstract] {ID15}
-Statement [Table] {ID16}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID17}
Net sales {ID18}
-Operating expenses: {ID19}
Cost of sales, excluding depreciation {ID20}
Selling, general and administrative {ID21}
Depreciation {ID22}
Total operating expenses {ID23}
Operating income {ID24}
-Other expenses: {ID25}
Interest expense {ID26}
Other, net {ID27}
Income before income taxes {ID28}
Provision for income taxes {ID29}
Net income {ID30}
Basic earnings per share {ID31}
Diluted earnings per share {ID32}
-Weighted average common shares outstanding: {ID33}
Basic shares {ID34}
Diluted shares {ID35}
Dividends declared and paid per share {ID36}
-Network: (02 - Statement - Consolidated Balance Sheet)
-Balance Sheet [Abstract] {ID37}
-Statement [Table] {ID38}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID39}
-Current assets: {ID41}
Cash and cash equivalents {ID42}
Marketable securities {ID43}
Receivables, less allowance for possible losses {ID44}
Inventories {ID45}
Deferred income taxes {ID46}
Other current assets {ID47}
Total current assets {ID48}
Property, plant and equipment, net {ID49}
Goodwill {ID50}
Other intangibles, net of accumulated amortization {ID51}
Investments and other assets {ID52}
Total assets {ID53}
-Current liabilities: {ID55}
Short-term borrowings and current portion of long-term debt {ID56}
Accounts payable {ID57}
Income taxes payable {ID58}
Accrued liabilities {ID59}
Total current liabilities {ID60}
Long-term debt {ID61}
Deferred income taxes {ID62}
Other long-term liabilities {ID63}
Total liabilities {ID64}
-Stockholders' equity: {ID65}
Common stock {ID66}
Capital in excess of par value {ID67}
Retained earnings {ID68}
Accumulated other comprehensive loss {ID69}
Treasury stock {ID70}
Total stockholders' equity {ID71}
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity {ID72}
-Network: (03 - Statement - Condensed Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows)
-Cash Flows Statement [Abstract] {ID73}
-Statement [Table] {ID74}
-Statement [Line Items] {ID75}
-Cash provided by (used for): {ID76}
-Operating activities: {ID77}
Net income {ID78}
-Adjustments to reconcile net income to total operating activities: {ID79}
Depreciation and amortization {ID80}
Deferred income tax expense (benefit) {ID81}
Share-based compensation expense {ID82}
Net change in assets and liabilities, net of acquisitions {ID83}
Pension contribution {ID84}
Other {ID85}
Total operating activities {ID86}
-Investing activities: {ID87}
Additions to property, plant and equipment {ID88}
Purchases of businesses, net of cash acquired {ID89}
Other {ID90}
Total investing activities {ID91}
-Financing activities: {ID92}
Net change in short-term borrowings {ID93}
Reduction in long-term borrowings {ID94}
Repurchases of common stock {ID95}
Cash dividends paid {ID96}
Excess tax benefits from share-based payments {ID97}
Proceeds from employee stock plans and other {ID98}
Total financing activities {ID99}
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents {ID100}
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents {ID101}
-Cash and cash equivalents: {ID102}
As of January 1 {ID103}
As of June 30 {ID104}
-Network: (0601 - Disclosure - Basis of Presentation)
-Basis of Presentation [Abstract] {ID105}
Basis of Presentation {ID106}
-Network: (0602 - Disclosure - Recent Accounting Pronouncements)
-Recent Accounting Pronouncements [Abstract] {ID107}
Recent Accounting Pronouncements {ID108}
-Network: (0603 - Disclosure - Fair Value Measurement)
-Fair Value Measurement [Abstract] {ID109}
Fair Value Measurement {ID110}
-Network: (0604 - Disclosure - Hedging Activities)
-Hedging Activities [Abstract] {ID111}
Hedging Activities {ID112}
-Network: (0605 - Disclosure - Earnings Per Share)
-Earnings Per Share Disclosure [Abstract] {ID113}
Earnings Per Share {ID114}
-Network: (0606 - Disclosure - Fourth Quarter of 2008 Restructuring Charges and Asset Write Downs)
-Restructuring Charges And Asset Write Downs [Abstract] {ID115}
Fourth Quarter of 2008 Restructuring Charges and Asset Write-Downs {ID116}
-Network: (0607 - Disclosure - Acquisitions)
-Acquisitions [Abstract] {ID117}
Acquisitions {ID118}
-Network: (0608 - Disclosure - Goodwill)
-Goodwill [Abstract] {ID119}
Goodwill {ID120}
-Network: (0609 - Disclosure - Inventories)
-Inventories [Abstract] {ID121}
Inventories {ID122}
-Network: (0610 - Disclosure - Debt)
-Debt [Abstract] {ID123}
Debt {ID124}
-Network: (0611 - Disclosure - Comprehensive Income)
-Comprehensive Income [Abstract] {ID125}
Comprehensive Income {ID126}
-Network: (0612 - Disclosure - Share Based Compensation)
-Share Based Compensation Disclosure [Abstract] {ID127}
Share-Based Compensation {ID128}
-Network: (0613 - Disclosure - Income Taxes)
-Income Taxes [Abstract] {ID129}
Income Taxes {ID130}
-Network: (0614 - Disclosure - Retirement and Pension Plans)
-Retirement and Pension Plans [Abstract] {ID131}
Retirement and Pension Plans {ID132}
-Network: (0615 - Disclosure - Financial Instruments)
-Financial Instruments [Abstract] {ID133}
Financial Instruments {ID134}
-Network: (0616 - Disclosure - Product Warranties)
-Product Warranties [Abstract] {ID135}
Product Warranties {ID136}
-Network: (0617 - Disclosure - Reportable Segments)
-Reportable Segments [Abstract] {ID137}
Reportable Segments {ID138}