Financial Report Ontology (FRO) (Prototype as of 6/11/2014 4:31:16 PM)

Financial Reporting Ontology

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Line Label Object Class Period Type Balance Report ElementName
1 Financial Reporting Ontology [Network]


2 Thing Abstract fro:Thing
3 Business Report Abstract fro:BusinessReport
4 Financial Report Abstract fro:FinancialReport
5 Submission Abstract fro:Submission
6 Economic Entity Abstract fro:EconomicEntity
7 Reporting Unit Abstract fro:ReportingUnit
8 Business Segment Abstract fro:BusinessSegment
9 Geographic Area Abstract fro:GeographicArea
10 Asset Group Abstract fro:AssetGroup
11 Disposal Group Abstract fro:DisposalGroup
12 Subsidiary Abstract fro:Subsidiary
13 Operating Segment Abstract fro:OperatingSegment
14 Reportable Segment Abstract fro:ReportableSegment
15 Business Unit Abstract fro:BusinessUnit
16 Reporting Scheme Abstract fro:ReportingScheme
17 US GAAP Abstract fro:USGAAP
18 IFRS Abstract fro:IFRS
19 Income Tax Basis Abstract fro:IncomeTaxBasis
20 Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting Abstract fro:OtherComprehensiveBasisOfAccounting
21 Elements of Financial Statement Abstract fro:ElementsOfFinancialStatements
22 Assets Abstract fro:Assets
23 Liabilities Abstract fro:Liabilities
24 Equity Abstract fro:Equity
25 Investments by Owners Abstract fro:InvestmentsByOwners
26 Distributions to Owners Abstract fro:DistributionsToOwners
27 Revenues Abstract fro:Revenues
28 Expenses Abstract fro:Expenses
29 Gains Abstract fro:Gains
30 Losses Abstract fro:Losses
31 Comprehensive Income Abstract fro:ComprehensiveIncome
32 Elements of Financial Statement of Economic Entity Abstract fro:ElementsOfFinancialStatementsOfEconomicEntity
33 Statement of Financial Position (Balance sheet) Abstract fro:StatementOfFinancialPosition
34 Statement of Earnings (Income statement) Abstract fro:StatementOfEarnings
35 Statement of Comprehensive Income Abstract fro:StatementOfComprehensiveIncome
36 Statement of Cash Flows Abstract fro:StatementOfCashFlows
37 Statement of Changes in Equity Abstract fro:StatementOfChangesInEquity
38 Affects on Economic Entity During Period Abstract fro:AffectsOnEconomicEntityDuringPeriod
39 Event Abstract fro:Event
40 Transaction Abstract fro:Transaction
41 Circumstance Abstract fro:Circumstance
42 Entity Legal Form Abstract fro:EntityLegalForm
43 Partnership Abstract fro:Partnership
44 Limited Liability Partnership Abstract fro:LimitedLiabilityPartnership
45 Sole Proprietor Abstract fro:SoleProprietor
46 Corporation Abstract fro:Corporation
47 Limited Liability Corporation Abstract fro:LimitedLiabilityCorporation
48 Financial Report Component Abstract fro:FinancialReportComponent
49 Primary Financial Statement Abstract fro:PrimaryFinancialStatement
50 Parenthetical Comments Abstract fro:ParentheticalComments
51 Disclosure Abstract fro:Disclosure
52 Supplementary Information Abstract fro:SupplementaryInformation
53 Entity Information Abstract fro:EntityInformation
54 Document Information Abstract fro:DocumentInformation
55 Exemplar Abstract fro:Exemplar
56 Prototype Abstract fro:Prototype
57 Topic (Disclosure topic) Abstract fro:Topic
58 Report Element Category Abstract fro:ReportElementCategory
59 Network Abstract fro:Network
60 Concept Abstract fro:Concept
61 Abstract Abstract fro:Abstract
62 Line Items LineItems fro:LineItems
63 Member Abstract fro:Member
64 Table Abstract fro:Table
65 Axis Abstract fro:Axis
66 Characteristic Abstract fro:Characteristic
67 Reporting Entity Abstract fro:ReportingEntity
68 Legal Entity Abstract fro:LegalEntity
69 Parent Holding Company Abstract fro:ParentHoldingCompany
70 Consolidated Entity Abstract fro:ConsolidatedEntity
71 Reporting Scenario Abstract fro:ReportingScenario
72 Business Segment Abstract fro:BusinessSegment
73 Operating Segment Abstract fro:OperatingSegment
74 Geographic Area Abstract fro:GeographicArea
75 Report Date Abstract fro:ReportDate
76 Fiscal Period Abstract fro:FiscalPeriod
77 Calendar Period Abstract fro:CalendarPeriod
78 Instrument Abstract fro:Instrument
79 Range Abstract fro:Range
80 Line Item Abstract fro:LineItem
81 Member Aggregation Pattern Abstract fro:MemberAggregationPattern
82 Partial Set Abstract fro:PartialSet
83 Complete Flat Set Abstract fro:CompleteFlatSet
84 Complete Hierarchical Set Abstract fro:CompleteHierarchicalSet
85 Complete Complex Set Abstract fro:CompleteComplexSet
86 Whole Part Relation Pattern Abstract fro:WholePartRelationPattern
87 Component-Intregal Object Abstract fro:ComponentIntregalObject
88 Member-Collection Abstract fro:MemberCollection
89 Feature-Activity Abstract fro:FeatureActivity
90 Stuff-Object Abstract fro:StuffObject
91 Portion-Mass Abstract fro:PortionMass
92 Place-Area Abstract fro:PlaceArea
93 Computation Pattern Abstract fro:ComputationPattern
94 Roll Up Abstract fro:RollUp
95 Roll Forward Abstract fro:RollForward
96 Hierarchy Abstract fro:Hierarchy
97 Adjustment Abstract fro:Adjustment
98 Variance Abstract fro:Variance
99 Complex Computation Abstract fro:ComplexComputation
100 General Relation Pattern Abstract fro:GeneralRelationPattern
101 Class-Equivalent Class Abstract fro:ClassEquivalentClass
102 Class-Subclass Abstract fro:ClassSubclass
103 Table-Equivalent Text Block Abstract fro:TableEquivalentTextBlock
104 Thing-Has Role Abstract fro:ThingHasRole
105 Part-Part of Abstract fro:PartPartOf
106 Full-Has Part Abstract fro:FullHasPart
107 Verification Rule Abstract fro:VerificationRule
108 Business Rule Abstract fro:BusinessRule
109 Business Rule Pattern Abstract fro:BusinessRulePattern
110 Greater Than Or Equal To Zero Abstract fro:GreaterThanOrEqualToZero
111 Variance Abstract fro:Variance
112 Adjustment Abstract fro:Adjustment
113 Roll Up Abstract fro:RollUp
114 Roll Forward Abstract fro:RollForward
115 Greater Than Abstract fro:GreaterThan
116 Less Than Abstract fro:LessThan
117 Exists Abstract fro:Exists
118 Co Exists Abstract fro:CoExists
119 Equal To Abstract fro:EqualTo
120 Member Aggregation Abstract fro:MemberAggregation
121 Key Financial Ratio Abstract fro:KeyFinancialRatio
122 Domain Rule Abstract fro:DomainRule
123 Industry Specific Rule Abstract fro:IndustrySpecificRule
124 Reporting Entity Rule Abstract fro:ReportingEntityRule
125 Fundamental Concept Skeleton Rule Abstract fro:FundamentalConceptSkeletonRule
126 Peer Consistency Rule Abstract fro:PeerConsistencyRule
127 Prior Period Consistency Rule Abstract fro:PriorPeriodConsistencyRule
128 Reporting System Specific Rule Abstract fro:ReportingSystemSpecificRule
129 Report Level Model Structure Rule Abstract fro:ReportLevelModelStructureRule
130 XBRL Technical Syntax Rule Abstract fro:XBRLTechnicalSyntaxRule
131 Extension Properties Abstract fro:ExtensionProperties
132 Definition of New Subclass Allowed Abstract fro:DefinitionOfNewSubclassAllowed
133 Replace Redefine Allowed Abstract fro:ReplaceRedefineAllowed
134 Extension Disallowed Abstract fro:ExtensionDisallowed

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