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Key Ratios

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Line Label Object Class Period Type Balance Report ElementName
1 Key Ratios [Network]


2 Key Financial Ratio Abstract fro:KeyFinancialRatio
3 Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Abstract keyRatios:CapitalAssetPricingModelCAPM
4 Average Return to Equity Shares Across Total Market Abstract keyRatios:AverageReturnToEquitySharesAcrossTotalMarket
5 Market Premium Abstract keyRatios:MarketPremium
6 Market Return Abstract keyRatios:MarketReturn
7 Risk Free Rate Abstract keyRatios:RiskFreeRate
8 Riskiness of Specific Share (BETA) Abstract keyRatios:RiskinessSpecificShareBETA
9 Corporate Liquidity Abstract keyRatios:CorporateLiquidity
10 Current Ratio Abstract keyRatios:CurrentRatio
11 Debt to Equity Ratio (D/E) Abstract keyRatios:DebtToEquityRatioDE
12 Interest Cover Abstract keyRatios:InterestCover
13 Quick Ratio Abstract keyRatios:QuickRatio
14 Working Capital to Sales Abstract keyRatios:WorkingCapitalToSales
15 Working Capital (WC) Abstract keyRatios:WorkingCapitalWC
16 Corporate Value Abstract keyRatios:CorporateValue
17 Dividends Cover and Payout Ratio Abstract keyRatios:DividendsCoverPayoutRatio
18 Dividends Per Share (DPS) Abstract keyRatios:DividendsPerShareDPS
19 Dividends Yield Abstract keyRatios:DividendsYield
20 Earnings Yield Abstract keyRatios:EarningsYield
21 Market Capitalization Abstract keyRatios:MarketCapitalization
22 Market to Book Ratio Abstract keyRatios:MarketToBookRatio
23 Price to Earnings Ratio (PE) Abstract keyRatios:PriceToEarningsRatioPE
24 Investment Ratios Abstract keyRatios:InvestmentRatios
25 Discount Factor Abstract keyRatios:DiscountFactor
26 Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Abstract keyRatios:InternalRateReturnIRR
27 Investment Abstract keyRatios:Investment
28 Net Present Value (NPV) Abstract keyRatios:NetPresentValueNPV
29 Present Value Abstract keyRatios:PresentValue
30 Return Abstract keyRatios:Return
31 Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Abstract keyRatios:WeightedAverageCostCapitalWACC
32 Management Decision Making Abstract keyRatios:ManagementDecisionMaking
33 Cost, Volume, Price Relationships Abstract keyRatios:CostVolumePriceRelationships
34 Break Even Point Units (B/E) Abstract keyRatios:BreakEvenPointUnitsBE
35 Contribution Margin Per Unit (CPU) Abstract keyRatios:ContributionMarginPerUnitCPU
36 Contribution to Sales Precentage (CPS) Abstract keyRatios:ContributionToSalesPrecentageCPS
37 Fixed Costs Abstract keyRatios:FixedCosts
38 Total Contribution Abstract keyRatios:TotalContribution
39 Units Abstract keyRatios:Units
40 Variable Costs Abstract keyRatios:VariableCosts
41 Operating Performance Abstract keyRatios:OperatingPerformance
42 Return on Investment Abstract keyRatios:ReturnOnInvestment
43 Return on Equity (ROE) Abstract keyRatios:ReturnOnEquityROE
44 Return on Total Assets (ROTA) Abstract keyRatios:ReturnOnTotalAssetsROTA
45 Operating Profit Abstract keyRatios:OperatingProfit
46 Debtor Days Abstract keyRatios:DebtorDays
47 Inventory Days Abstract keyRatios:InventoryDays
48 Sales to Accounts Receivable Abstract keyRatios:SalesToAccountsReceivable
49 Sales to Fixed Assets Abstract keyRatios:SalesToFixedAssets
50 Sales to Inventories Abstract keyRatios:SalesToInventories
51 Other Stuff Abstract keyRatios:OtherStuff
52 Assets Employed Abstract keyRatios:AssetsEmployed
53 Asset Turn Abstract keyRatios:AssetTurn
54 Average Interest Cost Abstract keyRatios:AverageInterestCost
55 Book Value Per Share Abstract keyRatios:BookValuePerShare
56 Capital Employed Abstract keyRatios:CapitalEmployed
57 Market Value Abstract keyRatios:MarketValue
58 New Equity Capital Abstract keyRatios:NewEquityCapital
59 New Long Term Loans Abstract keyRatios:NewLongTermLoans
60 Non Equity Funds Abstract keyRatios:NonEquityFunds
61 Non Operating Cash In Flows Abstract keyRatios:NonOperatingCashInFlows
62 Non Operating Cash Out Flows Abstract keyRatios:NonOperatingCashOutFlows
63 Operating Assets Abstract keyRatios:OperatingAssets
64 Operating Cash Flows Abstract keyRatios:OperatingCashFlows
65 Profit Before Interest and Taxes (PBIT) Abstract keyRatios:ProfitBeforeInterestTaxesPBIT
66 Profit Margin Abstract keyRatios:ProfitMargin
67 Sale of Fixed Assets Abstract keyRatios:SaleFixedAssets
68 Sales Margin Abstract keyRatios:SalesMargin
69 Sales Turn Abstract keyRatios:SalesTurn
70 Tax Rate Abstract keyRatios:TaxRate
71 Total Ordinary Funds Abstract keyRatios:TotalOrdinaryFunds
72 Working Capital Days Abstract keyRatios:WorkingCapitalDays
73 Shareholder Value Added (SVA) Abstract keyRatios:ShareholderValueAddedSVA
74 Terminal Value Abstract keyRatios:TerminalValue
75 Total Present Value Abstract keyRatios:TotalPresentValue

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