Reference Implementation, 2011 US GAAP Taxonomy (Permitted, updated 2011-05-15)

Ref Item Description
A. Number 1
B. Title Reference Implementation, SEC XBRL filing using 2011 US GAAP Taxonomy (Permitted)
C. Description An SEC XBRL filing "permitted" by the SEC. XBRL instance financial integrety is properly articulated, XBRL features such as "hypercube jumping" are leveraged, concepts are not duplicated, etc. This is not perfect from an accounting perspective yet, still working on that.
D. Industry Commercial and Industrial Companies
F. XBRL Instance (See how to view this using the XBRL viewer add on for Firefox) XBRL | Human Readable Fact Table Infoset (HTML) | Computer Readable Fact Table Infoset (XML)
G. XBRL Taxonomy XSD | Human Readable (HTML) | Computer Readable Infoset (XML)
H. a. Business Rules (XBRL Calculations) XML (Linkbase) | Calculation Consistency Check Results
H. b. Business Rules (Computations, mostly [Roll Forward]s and dimensional aggregations) XML (Linkbase) | Rendering of Computation Rules | XBRL Formula Validation Results
H. c Business Rules (Core Financial Integrity) XML (Linkbase) | Rendering of Core Financial Integrity Rules | Core Financial Integrity Validation Results
H. d Business Rules (Consistency Checks) XML (Linkbase) | Consistency Checks Rendering | XBRL Formula Validation Results
I. Test Submission Files (works with SEC Previewer) ZIP
J. Download ALL Files (helps you reverse engineer XBRL instance and XBRL taxonomy) ZIP
K. EFM (Edgar Filer Manual) Validation Results (Thank you to XBRL Cloud) HTML
L. Fact Tables Analysis Excel (.xls)
M. Documentation PDF | HTML Pages Recap/Examination Utility Output
N. Examination/Recap Prototype This prototype tool or viewer allows you to examine an SEC XBRL financial filing.

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